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Improve Your Film Quality By Renting a Crane for Your Media Company

Cranes are often associated with construction work and construction sites. This type of equipment is used in many types of construction applications. There are other ways cranes can be used as well, though. Cranes are also an important part of the film industry as well. Cranes for films have been used for decades to create iconic scenes in many movies. Here are a few things you need to know about crane rental services for film production.

Essential Film Equipment

Cranes are necessary for filmmaking because they allow for shots that could not otherwise be possible. A high-quality crane can move in many directions, which allows filmmakers to capture unique angles and perspectives. This also allows for smooth, steady movements. These are necessary for creating a visually pleasing shot. Crane rental services can help you achieve the film you’re dreaming of.

Crane Shots

The concept of crane shots can be traced back to 1916 when it was first used in a film called Intolerance. This was a silent film done by D.W. Griffith. The person who was behind this innovation was Allan Dwan. He was an engineer and fellow film director in the movie. He came up with the unique idea to use a crane to get better angles. This created a grandiosity in this film that had never been seen before. Audiences gasped when their perspective was suddenly from up high, something no one had ever seen before in film. It wasn’t long before major movie studios were incorporating their own crane shots into movies. Cranes became a standard piece of movie-making equipment, almost as important as the cameras themselves.

Cranes Used for Movies

There are many types of cranes that can be used in movie productions. Telescopic cranes, camera cranes, and jib arms are just a few. These pieces of equipment all provide unique features and benefits. If you’re making a film, and aren’t familiar with the type of crane you might need, it’s helpful to talk with crane professionals. Crane rental services will provide you with important information to help you make the best choice.

This is just a little information on film industry cranes and how they can help you with your production. According to LinkedIn, the crane rental market is expected to grow 3.5% in upcoming years. If you’re interested in crane rental services, please contact Skyline Crane Rental today. We look forward to working with you.

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