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How Our California Crane Rental Company Can Assist Your Project

At Skyline Crane Rental, we take pride in providing a diverse range of crane options for California crane rental projects of all kinds. We specialize in construction, HVAC, landscaping, motion picture and production, special effects, theme park attractions, steel erection, aerospace, rebar cage placement, and solar projects.

Applications of Our Crane Rentals

Are you in need of a rigging company in Los Angeles for a motion picture project? Or maybe you’re a residential property owner making landscape renovations? Either way, our California crane rental options and hydraulic crane services apply to you!

Residential Projects

Skyline Crane Rental specializes in renting cranes for residential property owners. Read here to learn a bit more about how our services can apply to your project.

  • Landscaping – Small cranes are perfect for working with established trees in a backyard or landscaping project. For tree placement, employing the use of a crane rental can allow for safe suspension of a tree while a hole is dug or refilled. For removal, a crane allows workers to reach higher elevations and make safe cuts.
  • Home Construction – Whether it’s a multi-family home or even a single-story home, construction will require lifting and placing heavy equipment. These instances call for a crane rental suited for the size of the new house.

Commercial Projects

Commercial properties may require projects to be finished efficiently and on a tight timeline. Here are a couple of examples of the projects we can get done.

  • HVAC – For tall commercial buildings, HVAC installation may need to be done in tight, difficult-to-reach places. Whether it’s for a single-floor small business or a towering multi-floor skyscraper, a crane rental from us will get your installation done right.
  • Motion Picture Projects – Cranes in the movie industry are used to capture overhead scenes and construct sets. If you’re in need of a rigging company in Los Angeles, Skyline Crane Rental is the perfect source of the crane your project needs!