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4 Reasons Your Residential Construction Company Should Rent Cranes Instead of Buying

As the owner of a growing residential construction company, you likely rely on cranes to lift heavy materials and equipment to tall heights. According to The New York Times, 73% of the cranes counted are used for residential and mixed-use projects. Purchasing your own crane fleet may seem convenient, but renting cranes offers significant advantages you shouldn’t overlook. Read on for four compelling reasons why crane rentals are the smarter choice to scale your business.

1. It Requires Less Upfront Capital

Renting cranes means you avoid huge upfront costs associated with buying them. This frees up capital to invest in high-return activities like additional equipment, extra crews, or a streamlined scheduling system. Without six-figure crane purchases eating into your budget, it’s easier to scale strategically. Renting cranes provides flexibility as your equipment needs change over time.

2. You Access Advanced Crane Models

Crane technology rapidly advances with safer designs, remote operation capabilities, and tools to prevent dangerous situations. Renting the newest crane models ensures your team uses state-of-the-art equipment. Attempting to constantly purchase cranes with cutting-edge features would quickly become cost-prohibitive. Plus, crane rental companies handle repairs and maintenance.

3. It Reduces Storage Needs

Storing idle cranes between jobs takes up precious space on your equipment lot. This decreases efficiency as crews navigate around unused cranes when retrieving tools or materials. With crane rentals, equipment shows up right when you need it and gets whisked away after. This streamlined approach maximizes productivity and safety.

4. You Mitigate Risk

Unexpected events like crane accidents, natural disasters, or economic changes could instantly make owned cranes unprofitable assets. Transferring ownership responsibility to crane rental companies reduces your financial risk while still granting access to necessary equipment. Let rental specialists handle insurance, transportation, regular inspections, and assume the risks you’d rather avoid.

As you sustain growth in the residential construction sector, crane rentals help optimize budgets, safety processes, and storage space. Review equipment options with local crane rental companies to find the perfect solutions tailored to upcoming projects. Keep these four benefits of renting cranes over buying in mind to make the best choice for your evolving business needs. When your residential construction company needs a crane for an upcoming project, look no further than our team. Call Skyline Crane Rental to inquire about availability and pricing for our crane rentals.

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