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4 Reasons to Go for a Crane Rental as a Tree Company

Cranes are unique pieces of heavy equipment that are crucial to any tree-trimming company. Cranes can do the work that no other type of heavy equipment can accomplish, which makes them indispensable. When they aren’t needed, cranes can be a burden for those who own them. Instead of buying a crane, renting one is a great option that works better for many contractors. If you are considering renting a crane for your next tree project, here are four reasons why you should take that route instead of purchasing.

1. Avoid Maintenance and Repair Costs

A crane rental should be in perfect operating condition. The rental service maintains and repairs it as needed. According to Tree Care Industry magazine, owning a crane adds maintenance and insurance costs. Renting a crane eliminates all maintenance and repair costs, and you can buy rental insurance to cover any costs if it’s damaged while you are using it.

2. No Need for Extra Storage Space

A crane is very tall, heavy, and cumbersome. Storing one while it isn’t in use can be a problem for those who don’t have extra storage space or the height to keep a crane secured between uses. With a crane rental, you just pick it up from the rental company, tow it to your job site, and return it when you are done.

3. Less Threat of Theft

Heavy equipment thieves look for relatively easy opportunities to steal cranes and other equipment. When you rent a crane, you only need to secure it while it’s on the job site. Once you are done with it and return it to the crane rental company, it’s no longer your concern. When you buy a crane, theft is a real concern.

4. Rent as Needed

Renting a crane is a lot easier than buying one and storing it while it isn’t used. Investing in a costly piece of heavy equipment that only gets used occasionally could be an issue for those who are just getting started in the business. Many contractors and business owners occasionally use cranes, but few truly need to buy one. Renting a crane as needed minimizes your equipment costs and helps make your tree company more profitable by lowering your operational costs.

When you need to rent a crane for your tree company, you can call or visit us at Skyline Crane Rental to learn more and place a deposit for an upcoming job.

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