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3 Reasons Your Movie Production Company Should Get a Crane Rental

If you want to take your filmmaking to new heights, renting a camera crane is a must. Cranes allow you to get those sweeping, majestic shots that give movies that epic, cinematic feel. Here are some key reasons your movie production company should get a crane rental for your next project.

1. Achieve Unique Angles

One of the biggest benefits of a crane rental is the ability to maneuver the camera at angles that can’t be achieved any other way. Jib arms extend 20 feet or more, letting you arc up and over scenes. You can capture top-down shots ideal for establishing shots and revealing environments. The camera can track alongside actors or objects in profile views. Plus, you get super smooth panoramic sweeps unmatched by handheld or dolly shots. With countless possibilities, crane shots lend production value and visual interest!

2. Enhance Drama, Scope, and Perspective

According to LinkedIn, camera cranes go back to the dawn of movie-making. They were routinely used in silent films to enhance the epic nature of large sets and massive crowds. Today, cranes are still ideal for making your production look like a major motion picture. You can use crane rental equipment to showcase the scope of big, multi-layered sets or make intimate scenes more visually compelling. Crane shots add production value that helps tell the story.

3. Maneuver Shots Proven Difficult on the Ground

Some shots are only possible from a height and angle that only a crane can achieve. For example, cranes allow you to shoot fully overhead while moving. You can follow actors upstairs or down alleyways in a tracking shot that would be impossible on foot. Jib arms snake through narrow spaces between objects, and operators can raise and rotate the crane arm to maneuver the camera around obstacles. Simply put, cranes let you get the shot no matter the location restrictions.

If you want your production to look like a big-budget Hollywood film, a crane rental is one of the best investments you can make. The next time you’re looking to get wow-factor aerial shots, sweeping vistas, and unique perspectives, get a crane and watch your footage soar. With so many budget-friendly options, every movie production can benefit from the artistry and impact of crane rental equipment. Call Skyline Crane Rental today for an estimate!

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