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How Cranes Help Theme Park Construction

Theme parks might seem magical, but there’s no magic involved in construction. In fact, theme park construction is actually a highly engineered and closely monitored type of project that requires a high level of safety and oversight. Cranes and other types of lifting equipment play a crucial role in the construction of these parks. Let’s take a look at the role heavy equipment and crane services play in these types of projects.

Shifting Heavy Objects

A theme park is composed of many different types of heavy objects. During construction, all of these parts need to be moved safely to their final destination. Having the right lifting devices on sight is vital to park completion. Not only is the right equipment needed, but it’s also necessary that the equipment is up to safety standards. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workers are required to inspect each crane component prior to lifting material into the air. Considering that safety is going to be a huge part of the successful completion of this type of project, it only makes sense that those safety steps start with the equipment itself.

Placing Tracks

Most theme parks will have track rides. Tracks are constructed from many different track pieces. Getting these pieces precisely placed is a critical part of safe construction. Theme parks pride themselves on having high-track rides. Although this is great when it comes to attracting park attendees, getting rides constructed to these heights is challenging. To accomplish these tasks, scaffolding is often used. Crane services can assist with scaffold hoisting to create a construction environment conducive to track assembly.

Moving Workers

Materials aren’t the only thing that would need lifting during a theme park construction. Workers must also be moved safely to heights where more detailed work is done. These workers need tools and equipment also hoisted up to their worksites. Crane services can also be helpful in this respect.

Safety First

Theme parks want a reputation of being a safe environment in which to have fun. This reputation starts building during the construction process. It’s important that a theme park make a name for itself as being safety conscious from the first day of construction. Working with reputable crane services can help to establish a name of trust and safety for patrons.

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