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Why Rigging Services Benefit Commercial and Residential Construction Projects

You’re overseeing a major construction project, whether it’s a high-rise commercial building or a large residential complex. Coordinating all the equipment, materials, and workers is a massive task. How do you efficiently move large, heavy structural components into place without injuries or accidents? Here are some of the reasons why rigging services benefit residential and commercial construction projects.

Carefully Lifting Heavy Objects

One of the biggest challenges on construction sites is safely lifting massive loads like structural steel beams, precast concrete sections, large pipes, and heavy equipment. Rigging services have the specialized equipment, expertise, and skilled professionals to securely rig and methodically lift objects weighing several tons. They determine the optimal rigging configuration to maintain stability and the proper balance points. With rigging services, you avoid the risks of improperly secured loads toppling over or critical lift points failing.

Optimizing Logistics and Coordination

The logistics of moving bulky construction materials around a dynamic job site is hugely complex. You want to minimize delivery delays, avoid blocking access for other workers and tradespeople, and prevent downtime waiting for cranes. Rigging services make this easier by supplying their own cranes and taking care of all the necessary permits and planning. They figure out the most efficient sequencing and routes for unloading and placing items. With fewer disruptions to your construction schedule, the overall project stays on track.

Increasing On-Site Safety

Safety should be the top priority on any build. Unfortunately, construction sites are inherently hazardous environments. The leading causes of injuries and fatalities, such as workers falling from heights or being struck by heavy equipment, often stem from moving and installing structural materials. Rigging services have all the harnesses, tag lines, nets, barriers, training, and procedures to perform lifts as securely as possible. They know how to set up effective exclusion zones and are accustomed to maneuvering through tight spaces. With rigging handling these risky tasks, you reduce safety risks and liability exposures.

Construction projects require moving some extremely heavy and precariously balanced objects across challenging routes. Rigging services make this possible while optimizing logistics, minimizing delays, reducing safety risks, and avoiding large equipment expenditures. Their specialized talents, expertise, tools, and methodical planning are invaluable for smoothly erecting commercial high-rises or large residential complexes. According to This Old House, 1.65 million housing units were authorized by building permits in the U.S. in 2022. If you need to hire rigging services, call us today to discuss your project and how we can help.

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