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How Can a Crane Rental Benefit My Landscaping Company?

Landscaping companies need more than laborers with picks, shovels, and rakes to install trees and landscapes. They occasionally need the help of heavy equipment, like a crane, to get the job down quickly and correctly. Fortunately, there are lots of qualified crane operators and crane rentals available to help landscapers do their best work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for crane operators should grow by 8 percent from 2014 through 2024. Here’s a closer look at how renting a crane could help landscaping companies.

Rapidly Remove Boulders

You never really know what’s beneath the surface until you start digging. Sometimes, you find very large rocks and boulders that might be impossible to remove by hand. Fortunately, crane rentals make it easier to remove large rocks, boulders, and other objects that you might encounter while grading, digging, or doing other landscaping construction. You can get large and heavy items out of the way without risking injury to your workers or enduring a long delay while digging it out by hand.

Remove Soil Quickly

You might need to dig trenches for irrigation or water drainage. Maybe you are clearing the side of a hill to erect one or more retaining walls. There are lots of things that require soil removal when installing or revising a landscaping plan, such as a reflecting pool. Whatever the landscaping feature might be, crane rentals make it easier and faster to move the soil and fill in areas where needed.

Move Heavy Materials

Some items are too big and bulky to carry by hand or in a wheelbarrow, like a tree with a large root system attached. A crane and some heavy-duty straps can secure a tree by its trunk and lift it much easier than a work crew could. The crane can move the tree to the spot where you need it and adjust its position so that it stands straight and tall. Then your workers can fill in the soil and water the tree so that the root ball will spread and grow. Many other large and heavy objects likewise could be moved, including pallets of materials with the right attachment affixed to the crane.

You can call or visit Skyline Crane Rental to learn more about crane rentals and available attachments that will help your landscaping company do more work quickly and efficiently.

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