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Questions to Ask Crane Rental Companies Before Using Their Services

A crane is often necessary when you need a crane for a construction or infrastructure project. According to Globe Newswire, the central overhead cranes are gantry, bridge, monorail, and jib cranes. Jib cranes can be found in double and single girder forms. However, purchasing these cranes is expensive, making crane rentals a cost-effective solution. These are a few questions to ask companies before renting.


Asking companies about transportation is necessary so you can plan how cranes will get to the job. Some companies will provide transportation for the equipment for no extra fee. Others offer equipment hauling services for an additional price. Then again, some companies will not transport the equipment. You’ll have to find and pay for hauling services in this situation.


Most companies that offer equipment rental provide insurance or give you the option to purchase insurance separately. Some require that you obtain your insurance, but this is rare. It’s essential to ensure you know the details of the insurance coverage provided, the price, and if there is a deductible. Ensure you read the fine print on the contract regarding insurance before renting a crane, too.


Businesses specializing in crane rentals should offer various cranes. However, if they don’t, it’s not a red flag. Take the time to research cranes to ensure that you know what type you need to get the job done. Then, find a business that offers those types of cranes for rent. If a company doesn’t have the specific type of crane you need, you need to keep looking or find a substitute.


Crane rentals often cover just the crane itself. Many companies will offer a crane for rent, but some will also let you hire an individual for operation. Determine if anyone on your crew is licensed to operate a crane safely. If you need help, ask companies if they also have someone to run the crane. Most companies that rent cranes require you to have a licensed operator, or it will void the insurance, so this is a crucial thing to consider.

Renting a crane requires researching the company and asking the essential questions to make your project seamless. Ensure a business offers the necessary crane, ask about insurance, and always determine how the equipment will be transported. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to get started with our services.

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