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What is a Gantry Crane? A Closer Look at the Different Types and Design

Heavy cranes are frequently used in large construction projects. But if you are confused about whether you should ask a crane service in Los Angeles to rent a bridge crane or a gantry crane, you may want to read this blog. While a gantry crane is similar to a bridge crane, its employment on the construction site does not require you to set up permanent runway beams and support columns. If you are building a site, you may want to learn about gantry cranes and their different types and designs.

Let us discuss everything you need to know about gantry cranes-

What is a Gantry Crane?

A gantry crane is a heavy overhead crane with a single or double girder configuration. It is a cost-effective solution to installing a support system in the building’s structure by reducing material costs. They have freestanding legs that move along the railway tracks or by wheels. You can rent a gantry crane of your choice by asking for crane service in California.

Types of Gantry Cranes-

The most common types of gantry cranes are categorized according to the supporting structure it has and their application. Let us look at them-

#1- Full-gantry cranes: The most common gantry crane is a full-gantry type with two supporting legs moving across fixed rails. The crane only works in the dedicated area, with the trolley moving within the main span.

#2- Semi-gantry cranes: The semi-gantry crane has two legs, but only one is fixed to a supporting wall while the other can move along the track. You can adjust the height of the two legs according to your construction requirement. 

#3- Portable gantry crane: If your project requires a small crane that can only carry light loads, you can rent a portable gantry crane. It can be quickly moved and assembled at different locations, providing great flexibility.

#4- Adjustable gantry crane: An adjustable gantry crane at a heavy crane rental can be fixed or portable according to the requirements. You can adjust the span design, height, and horizontal beam length according to the load you expect to carry.

#5- Single girder gantry crane: If you are looking for a cost-effective option that can only carry light to medium weight, you can hire a single girder gantry crane. It has a single girder and a rail. The trolley and hoist are under-hung that run along the underside of the bridge.

#6- Double girder gantry crane: This type of gantry crane has double girders and can be used to carry heavy loads. It has a top-running trolley and hoist.

Gantry Crane Designs-

Gantry cranes are used because they have various designs and provide immense flexibility to their users. While they do not entirely rely on any support, you need to consider a few factors before constructing one at your worksites, like power delivery, indoor or outdoor use, and axle type.

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