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Types of Cranes Used in Construction

Heavy equipment makes a critical part of any construction site. Of all heavy machinery, cranes are accustomed to being seen on properties undergoing construction. Whether you are a well-established contractor in the industry or a new one, you will come across multiple types of cranes used in construction. Cranes have several applications, and you must have good knowledge of every kind to complete your project most efficiently. 

Let us see the different types of cranes used in construction-

Mobile Cranes-

Mobile cranes have increasingly become popular due to their ability to move around the construction site and the capacities of a proper crane. They can be mounted on top of crawlers or wheels to be moved around. They are good at maintaining their balance, even on uneven surfaces.

Types of mobile cranes-

  1. Truck-Mounted Crane: These are popular cranes that feature a body built up with a truck and an arm to lift heavy loads. Since they have a vehicle-based design, they do not require another carrier to transport them. Different truck-mounted cranes are available for various applications like bridge building and maintenance.
  2. Carry Deck Cranes: They are portable, four-wheeled, with the capacity of rotating 360 degrees. Carry deck cranes can easily navigate through the sites due to their small size and are convenient to set up quickly.
  3. Crawler Crane: These are fitted with a pair of rubber tracks allowing them to adapt to different terrains. The telescopic arm can be attached and used for various purposes. 
  4. Crane Ship: These are floating cranes, also called crane vessels, primarily used in projects at sea like oil rigs and ports. There are several types of crane ships available, like sheerleg and semi-submersible. 

Fixed Cranes-

They are static cranes permanently fixated into the ground of the job site. They are immobile but can carry heavier loads and to higher levels of buildings. A fixed crane is kept on the construction site for the entire duration of the construction.

Types of fixed cranes-

  1. Overhead Crane: Also known as bridge cranes, overhead cranes have large beams that help them stand and a moving arm in the middle section. They are primarily found in industrial locations. Gantry and Jib Crane are two variations of the overhead or bridge crane.
  2. Hammerhead Crane: This is the most popularly used crane in the construction industry. Hammerhead cranes have a horizontal lever on top of a fixed tower. The trolley is in the front end of the arm, which carries all the weight. The trolley can also move horizontally on the arm, called racking. Hammerhead cranes are bulky and need to be assembled on the job site itself.
  3. Telescopic Cranes: These cranes are transported over a truck to the construction site but are still considered fixed. They have a hydraulic boom (arm) that can increase or decrease the arm’s length according to the need. They are very versatile and used in various construction jobs and rescue missions as well.

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