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Residential Tree Placement and Removal With the Use of a Crane Rental

Sometimes you must call in the heavy equipment. While using a crane isn’t always necessary for placing or removing a tree, in some circumstances, it could become necessary. Cranes are often used to place or remove trees in hard-to-access areas. In some cases, they may be used when the risk of falling branches or other threats could cause damage or injuries. Let’s look at why you might use crane rental services to remove or place a tree.

Here’s When Crane Rental Services are Needed for Removal

Trees are often in hard-to-reach, crowded places. Your average residential neighborhood may not seem crowded or hard to reach, but from the perspective of removing or placing trees, it can be. If the tree is near a house, roadway, or something else, specialized equipment, like cranes, may be needed.

To be clear, while cranes may not always be necessary for tree removal, they can often be necessary. They may be attached to a vehicle and can be used to reach over structures, like your garage. Trees are large and heavy, and they can cause a lot of damage if they fall on something. Cranes can be used to greatly mitigate risks.

With a crane, the tree doesn’t need to be felled or cut down and knocked over. Instead, it can be cut, supported by the crane, and then lifted out. Even with advanced tools and the best methods, it’s still impossible to predict with complete accuracy which way a tree will fall when it is cut down without a crane.

If the tree has been damaged or is diseased, it may be even more unpredictable and harder to work with. Likewise, if a tree has been damaged by termites or other pests, removing it could be especially hazardous and difficult. Cranes are often used to reduce the risk of mishaps with damaged trees.

Planting a Tree With a Crane

Cranes can also be useful for planting trees. Obviously, if you’re planting a small sapling, you won’t need to use a crane. However, if you are planting a large, mature tree, you may need to use a crane to maneuver the tree or to lift it over a structure. Did you know, according to This Old House, poplar trees can grow up to 115 feet, oak trees can grow up to 80 feet, and oaks can grow up to 80 feet? If you’re dealing with trees of this size, you will probably need a crane.

Are you in need of crane rental services? Contact us and we can explore solutions together. We offer the highest quality equipment and can provide advice.

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