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How To Prepare Your Jobsite For A Crane Rental

A heavy crane rental is a great option to lift heavy equipment and materials easily. It reduces the need for labour and saves time as well. But these heavy-duty machines, like a crane, can cause issues if the working space is not suitable. Although the rental agency inspects and gives appropriate instructions, you must also be prepared for its arrival, working, and storage to complete the job without any hurdles.

Things to Prepare Before The Crane Arrives at Your Jobsite

  1. Identify the Fulfillments – Ensure that you have all the jobs listed for the crane to do. This will help you choose the crane wisely. It will also help the rental agency to give you the required directions precisely. A few things to be noted are the weight of the items to load, height to be lifted, radius measurement of the working site, and distance particulars of the site.
  2. Get the Paperwork Done- The associated paperwork for crane rentals involves the contract, agreement, permit, insurance, and license. You can get these operational permits from OSHO and NCCCO.
  3. Clean Out the Path- It is necessary to clear the access path of any obstructions for the crane. These can be electrical power lines, ditches, trees, branches, and unstable or rocky ground.
  4. Inspect the Location for Storage- Though the crane rental company makes sure that everything has been inspected from their side before the crane reaches the spot. However, checking the site once for yourself can be beneficial. Look that the ground is not uneven or loose. A crane needs a stable surface to work accurately. It will also ensure that the soil doesn’t cave down while the crane is parked there.
  5. Prepare the Accessory Items- Heavy-duty machinery comes along with various additional equipment to add simultaneously while working. The jobs they do also need other things to help them. Prepare a site nearby the crane to store all these before the crane arrives. You can get them beforehand, so there is no delay in using the crane.
  6. Be on Schedule- Talking about delays, align the tasks that don’t require the crane so that they don’t interrupt the tasks to be performed by the crane. Also, make sure that the job to be done parallel with the crane is also on time. This prevents the chances of the crane sitting idle.
  7. Safety Measures- Follow all the occupational safety measures that the crane guide comes with. Mark the danger zones, add warning signs, make a safety plan, check the weather report, wear protective gear, ensure minimum distraction during the job, secure loads safely, and confirm good communication.

Some Relevant Precautions While Working Around a Crane-

  1. Don’t rush the job
  2. Keep unrequired workers away from the worksite
  3. Follow safety measures carefully
  4. Be prepared for all eventualities 
  5. Be on schedule

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