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5 Safety Tips for Commercial Crane Operation

Commercial cranes are marvels of engineering. They can reach great heights and make construction much easier. They can be dangerous, too, if not properly operated. That’s why we have these safety tips to help those who are using this machinery.

1. Be Aware of the Switches

According to New York Engineers, a crane operator has a maximum load switch. That keeps it from lifting more than 18 metric tons. Then there’s a maximum moment switch. That keeps it from being overwhelmed by the load’s bending force.

2. Have Qualified Personnel Use It

It’s important to make sure only qualified workers are using this type of machinery. A crane is a multi-ton apparatus lifting multiple tons. If something goes awry, then the consequences could be dire. Only allow people who have been trained on it to use it.

3. Check Operator Manuals

There are extremely specific steps to operating one of these pieces of equipment. Anyone who is going to use it needs to follow the instructions every single time. Doing so will ensure that each day goes smoothly.

4. Perform Daily Operator Checks

Much like a pilot with their aircraft, anyone using this apparatus should check that each part of it is working as it should. By going through a checklist, you can ensure you ensure everything is working properly and there are no underlying issues. When you don’t go through a checklist, it can lead to things going wrong.

5. Make Sure That the Crane Is Stable

Once you have made sure that there is no debris around, it’s time to make sure that the unit is stable. Follow the manual closely to ensure you are checking correctly. It’s important that this is done correctly. Otherwise, there’s the risk of it tipping over.

There are other things that need to be done, like properly securing each load, knowing the load radius (how far the load can be from the crane without threatening to tip it over), and knowing the load limit. If you or your workers do all of these checks, then it will be an easy day of work. It’s important to focus on it every day. That way, you will do a good overall job.

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